White Pepper: The All-Around Spice

The familiar pepper powder we always see in our kitchen has an interesting story. It is the most generously used condiment aside from salt, and yet the most underestimated. In this article, you will discover why your humble white pepper powder is one unique spice.  


White pepper’s story goes back to the start of our modern-world civilization. Back then, its worldwide popularity gave rise to high demand for its trade and exploration.  


Our forefathers recognized white pepper’s healing qualities and used it for some diseases. This spice is so valuable that white peppercorns were even used to pay off taxes. In some places, it is also used in place of currency. People pay their rent, dowries and sometimes even their ransom not with paper money but with pepper. Throughout the Middle Ages, pepper is prized in Europe, Asia and also in the ports of ancient Egypt.  



The Best Tasting White Pepper 


Pepper is one of the most accessible and most accommodating spices out there. It enhances the taste of any savory dish, even sweet ones. If salt brings out the natural flavor of food, pepper powder makes that flavor bolder and distinct. White pepper powder’s hot, woody, pungent, earthy and aromatic flavor somehow mixes well with salt, thus making salt and pepper the perfect condiment combination the world over.  



White Pepper vs Black Pepper 


White peppercorns came from the same plant and are the same fruit as the black peppercorns. But white peppercorns look smaller than black peppercorns. That’s because white pepper started as black peppercorn, then allowed to ripen. Black peppercorns were dried out after harvest then ground with its outer covering. White pepper’s processing is different because it is soaked and put under running water to dissolve its skin.  


White pepper powder contains less piperine, the oil that gives black pepper its unique taste. Some variants of black pepper has more heat. White pepper might not be as spicy as its black counterpart, but it has a more aromatic flavor. Spice connoisseurs describe white pepper’s aroma as delicate pungent, floral, slightly fruity and with a hint of fermented smell.  



White Pepper Powder Health Benefits 


What white pepper lack in spice it makes up with its health benefits. White pepper has more nutrients than its black counterpart: 


  • Helps with weight loss – White pepper is packed full of capsaicin, the stuff that aids in weight loss. Capsaicin burns fat and increases metabolism. Likewise, eating spicy food makes you feel full for more extended periods, reducing your craving for unhealthy snacks. A dash of white pepper also seasons your food so that you won’t need to sprinkle in too much salt to get the taste that you want.  


  • Good for your bones – White pepper contains essential minerals such as copper, magnesium and manganese – the nutrients that strengthen your bones and aids in muscle repair.  


  • Skin exfoliant – Ground white pepper is an excellent scrub. You can mix it with brown sugar and a drop of olive oil to make a DIY all-natural skin exfoliant and moisturizer. It is rich in antioxidants that improve skin condition and enhances blood circulation.  


  • Reduces inflammation – Studies show that long-term inflammation may contribute to chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorder and even cancer. White pepper is full of minerals and antioxidants, including piperine that reduces inflammation.  


  • Promotes healthy digestion – Piperine in pepper stimulates the digestive enzymes, helping you to break down your food and convert it into energy. Ground white pepper also helps release pancreatic enzymes such as lipase and amylase, which improves your metabolism and nutrient absorption.  


  • Pepper improves Curcumin Absorption – Turmeric and pepper powder goes well together. Aside from being blended in curry powder, turmeric and pepper have a lot of health benefits when taken together. Turmeric is rich in curcumin, the stuff that gives its bright yellow hue. Together, turmeric and pepper are a wonderful duo that stabilizes blood sugar, reduces joint pain, improves metabolism and even helps to maintain a healthy weight.  



Cooking with White Pepper Powder 


Ground white pepper has a considerable fan base in Asia. It’s a must-have spice for daily dishes in the Orient, particularly for most hot and sour soups. It goes with all stir-fry dishes. In Europe and South America, white pepper powder is also used in place of black pepper for light-colored dishes such as mashed potatoes, pasta sauce and milk-based soups.  


Sprinkle white pepper powder over cheese-based dishes. You can also add it to eggs, salads, sandwiches, tomato sauce and cold cuts. White pepper, salt and herbs make for an excellent dry rub to fatty meats, lamb and steak. It’s also a must-have whenever you are doing homemade sausages and burger patties.  


Not all white pepper powders are created equal. To get the freshest tasting white pepper powder that goes well with your daily dishes, check out our store.  

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