Useful Tips that You Need to Know About Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

What should you take to feel fuller longer? What should you consume to control hunger? Is it the famous weight loss supplement? Or perhaps the latest fad diet? No, definitely no!  


It takes just one superfood to curb your hunger and to control your weight. Chia seeds might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the majority of those who regularly consume it can attest to its appetite control effect.  



Will chia seeds help me lose weight? 


Chia seeds is native to Mexico and is a member of the mint family. They look like grayish black grains but they were actually seeds.  

Two heaping tablespoons of chia seeds soaked for an hour in water already contain half your daily dose of fiber. And diets rich in fiber controls appetite, making you eat less often and in smaller quantities. This change in your eating habits may lead to weight loss.  

Take note that chia seeds may help with weight loss but this effect will still depend on a person’s current weight and health condition. When used in moderation, daily intake of chia seeds may help you to feel fuller, hence you’re less likely to eat too much.  



How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss 


Let’s talk about how you can add chia seeds into your usual meals. The trick is to consume chia seeds daily and drink enough water to keep you hydrated and feeling full longer 


Chia Seeds Milk Pudding 


Since chia seeds have a bland taste, it will go well with sweet, savory or milky liquids. One of the most common ways to consume your chia seeds is to first soak them in water for at least an hour, then mix it with milk and chopped fruit.  


Chia Seeds and Greek Yogurt 


If you want to consume some probiotics plus lose weight at the same time, then combine Greek yogurt with soaked chia seeds. Mix in your favorite fruit, chill and eat as a snack. 


Chia Seeds Smoothie 


Power up your pre-workout smoothie by mixing in a tablespoon of chia seeds. Any smoothie recipe can work well with chia because of the seed’s neutral taste.  


Chia Seeds Energy Bars 


Got a sweet tooth but you’re on a diet? Instead of reaching for the usual chocolate bar, why not make your own chia seeds energy bar? Mix in some chopped seeds, honey, granola, raisins, raw oats, dried fruit or chocolate chips with a few teaspoonfuls of chia seeds. Toss in a flat pan, compress and cut into bite-sized pieces.  


Chia Seeds Detox Water 


If cooking is not your thing, simply add in a few teaspoons of chia seeds into your water bottle. Toss in some slices of lemon or cucumber and chill as usual.  


Chia Seeds in Salad 


Add some crunch and fiber into your salad by sprinkling in some chia seeds. Any bowl of vegetable or fruit salad will do. Mix and experiment with leafy greens, orange slices, avocado, nuts and fruits.  


Chia Seeds in Fruit Jam 


Love fruit jams but hate the overly sweet store-bought versions? Transform your jams from super sweet to uber healthy by mixing in some chia seeds. This is the best way to preserve your excess supply of fruits while at the same time satisfy your sweet tooth.  


Chia Seeds Soup 


Chia seeds also blend surprisingly well with savory soups. Pour in some chia seeds after you are done cooking your mushroom, potato or squash soup. Garnish in some chopped spring onions and serve hot.  


Chia Seeds Bread 


Craving some carbs? Turn your ordinary bread from sugar-rich to fiber-rich by adding some chia seeds into the flour mix. Bake as usual and enjoy oven-fresh.  


Chia Seeds Popsicles  


Want to try a healthy alternative to your usual ice cream? Avoid unhealthy fats and sugar by making your own version of chia seeds popsicles. This recipe isn’t complicated, in fact, you only need to use your regular chia seeds Greek yogurt mix. Pour into a regular popsicle mold, freeze overnight and enjoy! 



Where to buy the best chia seeds for weight loss? 


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