The Quick and Easy Guide to Rice Protein Powder

Believe it or not, rice is an excellent source of protein. Yes, you heard that right. Rice protein powder is healthy for you, and more and more people discover its goodness each day.  


Not many grains can pass the gold standard as well as rice – gluten-free, hypoallergenic, GMO-free, easy to digest, excellent fiber content and tastes great. That’s the reason why rice is the staple for most Asian countries for centuries. And not surprisingly, Asian people are also the leanest people in the world – despite their large intake of rice per meal. Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of rice protein powder for your fitness and health goals.  



What is rice protein? 


Rice protein powder is created by separating rice’s natural starch from its protein. The result is a slow digesting protein that’s full of nine essential amino acids as well as other vital nutrients.  


And because rice protein is plant-based, this is one of the best protein options for people that are vegans. Rice protein powder is the best option for people who have allergies to soy, lactose, nuts, eggs, and gluten. It’s also a sustainable grain because it takes fewer resource to grow it. 



Building Muscle Using Protein Powder from Rice 


Animal-based protein is still the best source of complete amino acids. But looking at the plant kingdom, rice protein doesn’t fall far from the mark. In fact, rice protein can go toe to toe with hemp protein powder when it comes to amino acid component.  


Rice protein powder is as good as whey protein – the powder that body builders swear by. It contains the amino acid leucine -the stuff that stimulates muscle growth and repair. Intense physical activity can cause our muscles to break down. This is the reason why you feel sore after working out. About two heaping tablespoonfuls of rice protein powder is enough to give you the needed amino acids to recover post workout. Results showed that regular intake of rice protein powder resulted to improved muscle thickness and increased strength comparable to whey protein.  



Rice Protein Powder to Help with Weight Loss 


As compared with eating carbohydrates, consuming protein is better for weight loss. That’s because high-protein foods make you feel fuller longer. This is applicable both for plant-based and animal-based protein. Rice protein’s weight loss effect is due to its slow-release proteins. Since these proteins take some time to get digested, you will feel satiated for longer stretches of time.  


Rice protein powder also have a thermic effect. It increases your metabolic rate by about 20-30%. Likewise, proteins help to keep the blood sugar from spiking up and crashing down, unlike with its common culprit – the carbohydrates. And as we know, sudden spikes on blood sugar levels can trigger fatigue and fat storage. Combining rice protein powder with your daily meals helps to regular your blood sugar and insulin levels thereby helping to reduce body fat storage.  



Delicious Protein Powder from Rice 


Synthetic protein powder tends to taste too strong or too bland. What makes rice protein powder a cut above most products is its natural sweet taste. It’s organic and made without chemicals. Hence you can taste its natural goodness preserved in powdered form. Rice’s natural flavor also blends well with common shakes flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.  



Allergen-free and Gluten-Free Protein Powder  


If you are one of the millions of people who can’t consume eggs, soy or dairy, then rice protein powder is your best bet. It is likewise free from all gluten, barley, wheat and rye. That said, rice protein powder is a convenient way to fill in your nutritional gaps while on a strict gluten-free diet.  



How to Find the Best Rice Protein Powder 


Whenever you’re looking for the best protein powder, check to see that its organic, hypoallergenic and without additives. Your protein powder must be properly labelled and certified compliant to EU Standards.  


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