Rye Flakes

Rye Flakes – 1 kg – Natural Nutritious Bran Cereal – Vegan Friendly Rye Grain – Delicious 100% Whole Grain All-Natural Cereal – Highest Fiber and Best Nutrition Rye Flakes

  • DELICIOUS – Rye flakes have a unique and better taste than oat. Best for cereals, overnight oat substitute, mixes, and cookies. Has a subtle hearty texture and flavor unique to rye grains. Hard-to-find all-natural cereal.
  • NUTRITIOUS – Rye flakes are a good source of iron, zinc, fiber, protein, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. Rye contains nutritious bran which adds for a better nutrition.
  • FIBER-RICH – One of the best sources of fiber among all whole-grains in the market. Rye has twice the amount of fiber than wheat – keeps you feeling full longer. Ideal breakfast food for people who want to lose weight.
  • HEALTHY – Rye flakes contain antioxidants and are a great fiber source that helps with digestion and to reduce the swollen belly. Proper nutrition plus fiber leads to a healthy life style.
  • VEGAN – 100% Whole Grain and no preservatives. 100% Vegan – made without the use of eggs, dairy or other animal products.
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If you want to stack up some hard-to-find natural best-tasting rye flakes, then the Vidifood Rye Flakes are your best choice.

These 100% all-natural zero-preservatives rye flakes make for a great breakfast. Use it as an oat substitute to reinvent your cookies, granola bars, creamy soups or overnight oats. Rye’s unique, hearty flavor makes it a favorite meal by Northern Europeans.

Rye flakes are an excellent source of fiber and nature’s most potent antioxidant called Arabinoxylan. Rye grains are also a good source of copper, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Get your daily fix of nutrition beginning at breakfast. Because of rye grains high fiber content, you’ll feel satiated longer. Get a full feeling without being bogged down with too many carbohydrates.

It’s about time to replace your white bread and white rice with rye flakes.

Rye flakes is a superior product because it’s all vegan and fiber-rich. Eat this whenever you want to maintain your ideal weight. A balanced diet with adequate fiber helps you to avoid snacking in between meals -you will not feel as hungry as before.

Rye flakes are surely an excellent addition to your daily menu if you want to succeed on your weight loss goals!

Rye can replace oatmeal and be used as a cereal if you want a better tasting breakfast or a quick snack. Cook it lightly and sprinkle a little salt or sugar and milk. You can season rye flakes just like how you enjoy your oats and rice meals.

Add rye flakes to your daily breakfast bowl to kick up the nutritional content of your power meal.

Grab your rye flakes today and start to enjoy one of the best-tasting and most-nutritious breakfast that you can easily prepare at home.

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