Nutritional Yeast Enriched with Vitamin B12

Nutritional Yeast Enriched with Vitamin B12 – 1kg – Super Food Inactivated Yeast – Non-GMO High Protein Cheese Alternative

  • SUPERFOOD -Full of B Vitamins and minerals. Better than synthetic food supplements as this yeast can supply you with necessary nutrients without any chemicals.
  • DELICIOUS – Mild subtle nutty umami flavor ideal for salads or as a substitute for cheese products. Tastes like cheese without the milk smell. Tastier and healthier with a fuller flavor that goes well with most dishes.
  • IDEAL FOR VEGANS – Eating a plant-based diet can deplete you of B-Vitamins and proteins. Add a dash of nutritional yeast to your daily meals for extra energy and to complete your daily nutritional needs.
  • PURE – This is an inactive naturally grown yeast, not related to Brewer’s yeast. 100% strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in beet molasses purified, inactivated and dried.
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· Gluten free

· No additives, sweeteners, dyes, dairy products nor gelatin

· No added sugar

· No artificial colors

· Without GMO

· No trans fat

· Without additives of any kind (artificial sweeteners, dyes)

· Zero fillers and zero binders

· Allergen-free according to EU Regulation.

What is nutritional yeast?

This EU-Certified Non-GMO nutritional yeast is ideal for daily consumption. Nutritional yeast supplements your diet with the right levels of Vitamin B and essential minerals. Unlike with the common yeast or Brewer’s yeast which are potentially toxic, this type of yeast is inactive and guaranteed safe and healthy.

Nutritional yeast is carefully cultivated from a healthy strain of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is inactivated to lock in its nutrients and prevent any contaminations. This yeast does not generate additional yeast development in the intestines because of its inactive property. Likewise, it is a healthier alternative to supplement your diet instead of taking synthetic B Vitamins.

Best Tasting Nutritional Yeast

Unlike with Brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast has no bitter taste and zero unpleasant smell. In fact, it tastes similar to the cheese’ umami minus the creaminess. You can eat this straight out of the packet or stir it into you breakfast cereal, pasta sauce or nacho dip. You can also sprinkle some into your popcorn or beef for an extra flavor. It tastes good but has low calories and low salt. This is ideal for people who are into eating a plant-based diet as this can go well with most salads, steamed vegetables and stir-fry.

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