Ground Yellow Mustard

Ground Yellow Mustard – 1kg – Tangy Spicy Mustard Powder – Make Your Own Mustard Sauce and Dips

  • FRESH FLAVOR – Ground yellow mustard is a spice that improves the taste of every food it touches. This yellow mustard is tangy, sharp and appetizing.
  • MEDIUM SPICY- Enjoy yellow mustard’s medium spice that adds heat and flavor to your dishes and as a perfect condiment to your hot dogs.
  • VERSATILE- This mustard powder easily blends with vinegar, salt, mayo and other spices so you can create your own home-made mustard sauce blend.
  • EASY TO USE – Ground yellow mustard makes cooking easy. Make your own version of salad dressing, glaze, marinade or dipping sauces with ease.
  • NON-GMO – This ground yellow mustard is non-irradiated and non-GMO. It has no additives and no artificial preservatives. Buy with confidence as every package that you buy passed rigorous quality testing.
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Yellow mustard is a favorite condiment around the world due to its unique tangy and spicy flavor. Use this ground yellow mustard as your go-to ingredient for sauces and weekend salad mixes. Experiment by using ground yellow mustard in your rubs, sauces, chicken salad, curries, potato, pickles and relish.

What’s amazing about this ground mustard is its flexibility and fresh taste. Unlike with pre-mixed mustard sauces, using pure mustard powder gives you more options and convenience. You can sprinkle this powder to your meat dish, blend it on your home-made sausage or mix it with oil and vinegar.

The culinary possibilities with ground yellow mustard is endless.

How to Use Ground Yellow Mustard

When a dressing, sauce, vinaigrette or marinade seems to lack that punch, mustard is your secret add-on ingredient. Mustard can transform a dish from ordinary to appetizing. The secret lies on its distinct taste that’s a mix of spice and tanginess. But unlike with spicy brown mustard, yellow mustard borders on the mid-range spice level with a hint of sweetness.

Its versatile and easy to use. With ground mustard, you don’t need a complicated recipe to make an appetizing entrée.
1. Yellow mustard glaze Combine honey and mustard for an easy-to-prepare glaze for your ham, chicken wings or tenders.
2. Honey mustard dressing Make your own honey mustard sauce from scratch by mixing yellow mustard powder, honey, vinegar, salt and vegetable oil.
3. Mustard mayo bread spread Mix a pinch of ground yellow mustard with your mayo for an easy and appetizing bread spread.
4. Lamb chops with yellow mustard powder Mustard’s tangy taste blends well with lamb’s assertive flavor. Use ground mustard as a lamb marinade or add it as a sauce for a delectable lamb dinner.
5. Potato with mustard Sauté some thin-sliced potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and ground mustard on a frying fan. Add salt and pepper to taste

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