Ground Spicy Paprika Powder

Hot Paprika – Ground Spicy Paprika Powder – Pimentón Ideal for Keto – Gluten-Free Red Spice

  • HOT AND SPICY – Hot paprika is a natural powder made from dried and ground red hot peppers. An exquisite-flavored spice that blends well with meat, barbecue rubs, veggies, and sauces.
  • RICH FLAVOR- Deep red color and stimulating aroma.
  • KETO SEASONING- This is a must-have spice if you are on keto or vegan diet. It contains extremely low carb and low salt. Bell peppers are gluten-free, tasty, and keto-friendly.
  • HEALTHY – Ground paprika is a spice that boosts metabolism to help you burn more fat and calories. Controls hunger and helps you maintain an ideal weight.
  • QUALITY – This hot paprika is Non-GMO. It has no additives and no artificial preservatives.
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Hot paprika ready to use for all your cooking needs.

What is Hot Paprika?

This hot paprika is a natural seasoning with a blend of pleasant hot and spicy and natural pepper taste. It goes well with sauces, dips, deviled eggs, fatty meat rubs, stews, potatoes, chili con carne, seafood, and poultry.

Paprika is a famous dish used all around the world. People in Europe, the Americas, and Africa use paprika to color rice, soups, stews, and as an ingredient in sausages. In Moroccan cuisine, hot paprika is usually blended with olive oil to enhance its flavor and color. People from South America also use paprika to season their taco.

How to Use Hot Paprika

Hot paprika should not just add spice and color but also some authentic flavor to the dish. It is an everyday spice that makes your daily meals look and taste special. This ground paprika is a mixture of heat and mild bitterness and fruity sweetness.

Cooking with Hot Paprika

You might be tempted to garnish paprika on a cooked dish or salad. It may add some color when used as a garnish, but you will not unleash its flavor. This bright red pepper powder needs to be heated to release its aroma and color. You can cook it, preferably in oil.

Be warned though that paprika powder burns quickly, so don’t overheat it. Sprinkle it and mix for a minute before you turn off the heat.

If using hot paprika for the first time, make sure to add just half of what you will need. Mix and then add some more as needed. Do this so that you will not overpower your dish or mix in too much. Paprika powder is full of flavor and color. A little goes a long way.

When cooking with hot paprika, make sure there is some oil or liquid in your dish. Don’t overcook it as it can quickly burn and leave a bitter after taste.

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