Ground Nutmeg

Ground Nutmeg – 1kg – Aromatic Spice – Warm and Fragrant Nutmeg Powder for Baking and Cooking

  • FLAVORFUL – Nutmeg has that floral, citric and clove-like fragrance and mild spice that makes meat fillings, vegetables, roasts, mashed potatoes, pasta and cheese so much tastier.
  • POTENT- Aromatic and warm ground nutmeg enhances the flavor of any dish, dessert and baked goods.
  • NUTRITIOUS – Ground nutmeg is also a healthy spice.
  • PURE – This ground nutmeg is Non-GMO. It has no additives and no artificial preservatives. Buy with confidence as every package that you buy passed rigorous quality testing.
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Nutmeg’s flavor makes it an excellent spice to pair with pepper or cayenne powder. It is very aromatic and complements dishes such as pasta, cheese-based cuisines, sauces, curry or the classic bechamel.

Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Aside from being a must-have in the kitchen, nutmeg is also an excellent source of essential oils. Nutmeg is packed with magnesium, copper, manganese and B-Vitamins.

How to Use Ground Nutmeg

Nutmeg powder’s aromatic flavors with a hint of warm spice is a world favorite for centuries. Bakers use ground nutmeg for pies, cookies and cupcakes. Chefs likewise use ground nutmeg to enhance the taste of sweet, savory and meat dishes.

In Europe and the US, nutmeg is a popular topping for gourmet coffee and chocolate drinks. It is also used in a variety of common beverages such as chai, mulled wine and as a garnish to foamy beverages. Nutmeg powder in eggnog or vanilla custard is also an excellent combination.

Bakers use nutmeg as a must-have ingredient to pumpkin and apple pie. It is similar to cinnamon, but nutmeg has a more fragrant and potent aroma.

Use ground nutmeg whenever you want to upgrade the taste profile of your home-cooked pasta or cheese-based dishes. Nutmeg easily complements any white and creamy sauce. Nutmeg also adds in a distinct flavor to tomato sauces, mashed potato, creamed vegetables, sausages and slow-cooked meats. It can also spice up your macaroni and cheese.

You can also use nutmeg powder to improve the aroma of curry-based dishes and garam masala. Nutmeg also pairs well with spices such as cumin, thyme, coriander, ginger and cloves.

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