Ground Laurel

Ground Laurel – 1kg – Powdered Bay Leaf – Mediterranean Italian Spice – Keto, Paleo and Vegan Diet

  • FRESH TASTE – This ground laurel has a distinct mellow balsamic taste that neutralizes the food’s smell and adds an herbaceous flavor.
  • FLAVORFUL – Ground bay leaves give stews, beef, crab boils and chicken stock a unique savory flavor. It also enhances the taste of Italian tomato sauce and adds aroma to rice and grain dishes.
  • CONCENTRATED – A little of ground laurel leaves go a long way as a teaspoon of this powder equals to about a dozen bay leaves.
  • AROMATIC – Ground Bay leaves smells of mild pine and camphor. This aroma neutralizes nasty food odors. Use in moderation and taste as you gradually season.
  • PACKAGE – Large size packed fresh and sealed, no extenders, Gluten-free and no MSG. Easy to store and lasts longer.
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With ground laurel / bay leaves, all it takes is half a teaspoon or less to make your dish smell festive. This unique leaf magnifies the food’s aroma, making your whole kitchen smell great.

Most cooks use the whole Bay leaves. What makes the ground bay leaves better is its flexibility and potency. You only need a little to make your food taste amazing. And no need to scoop leathery leaves once the soup is cooked, with ground bay leaves you can skip this step and save time.

Bay leaves can be used both dry and fresh. However, fresh leaves are less popular, as they are stronger and bitter. Even so, the fresh bay leaves are very useful for marinating, pickling, flavoring pickles, preparing oils and vinegar with the bay leaf.

It combines excellently with game meat, blue fish and legumes. The laurel also offers a peculiar palate to vegetables and rice.

It is also common to add bay leaves to the béchamel sauce since it greatly enhances the flavor.

One bag of this ground bay leaves will last you for months and months at a time while giving you nice and savory European-inspired dishes all year long.

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