Ground Fenugreek

Ground Fenugreek – 1kg – Full Flavor Ground Methi Seeds – Goat’s Horn or Greek Hayseed – Keto, Paleo and Vegan Diet

  • FRESH TASTE – A dash of ground fenugreek perks up baked goods, curries and dips because of its invigorating aroma, mildly sweet taste and penetrating flavor. Fenugreek enhances the taste of sour cream, roasted potatoes, root starches, and pickled blends.
  • FLAVORFUL – Roasted fenugreek seeds taste and smell like maple syrup with a fresh mix of curry powder and celery. Fenugreek is also an aromatic substitute for herbal teas and coffee.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Also known as Methi, Menthulu and Goat’s Horn, ground fenugreek can also be added on curries, sauces and on various side dishes, giving your meals a unique mild spicy taste.
  • ALL-NATURAL – Ground fenugreek seeds are rich in Iron, Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, and other essential nutrients. This vegan seed is also a natural protein source.
  • PACKAGE – Large-size packed fresh and sealed, no extenders, Gluten-free and no MSG. Easy to store and lasts longer.
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When roasted, fenugreek seeds have that slightly nutty taste with a tiny touch of bitterness like burnt sugar. They release a faint aroma of sweet nuts, maple syrup, and butterscotch. A tiny touch of fenugreek powder enhances the taste of bread, starches, sour cream and bean dips.

When fresh, fenugreek seeds smell like a combination of celery and curry powder. Its seeds are extra hard and can even break a tooth!

Its bittersweet flavor complements most dishes in a unique way.

Ground fenugreek seeds complement any cuisine heavy in lamb and beef. It’s also an essential protein grain for vegetarian dishes of Pakistan and India.

It also gets ground into flour and added into flatbreads and into spinach and potato fillings. In Egypt, fenugreek flour also serves as a thickener for cuisines and stews and as a base for dips. Seasoned with olive oil and tart sumac, its spread on pita bread for a simple yet tasty treat.

The best way to have your fresh daily supply of fenugreek powder is to grow your own and then grind them as needed. But if that sounds like too much of a hassle, then the next best thing is to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with this packet. One bag of this ground fenugreek will last you for months and months at a time while giving you nice and savory Asian / Mediterranean-inspired dishes all year long.

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