Ground Anise

Ground Anise – 1kg – Aniseed Powder – Spice for Baking and Meats – Sealed and Packed Fresh – Keto, Paleo and Vegan Diet

  • SAVORY – Ground anise when combined with other spices makes for a savory spice rub and marinade. It enhances the flavor of pork, beef, seafood, beans, and squash without overpowering the dish.
  • FLAVORFUL – Aside from traditional dishes, ground anise also goes well with bread, whether salty, plain or sweet types. It complements cinnamon, chocolate, and even lemon.
  • AROMATIC – Freshly ground anise have that faint fennel – licorice scent and a hint of sweetness. Its unique aroma gave rise to various anise-flavored liquors.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Ground anise goes well with sauces particularly marinara and various marinades. Anise powder also enhances the taste of cakes and pastries.
  • PACKAGE – Large size packed fresh and sealed, no extenders, Gluten-free and no MSG. Easy to store and lasts longer.
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Ground anise’s intoxicating aroma induces hunger whether at the bakeshop or at the kitchen.

Western culture has adopted this spice for baking and cooking confectionary for thousands of years. For Asia however, anise is a popular ingredient for pork, beef, lamb, seafood, beans and vegetable dishes.

In Italy, you’ll find anise as a favorite spice for tomato-based sauces, especially marinara. A combination of ground anise, tomatoes, olive oil, anise, peppercorn, and garlic goes well with any pasta dish.

Ground anise is also a well-known seasoning for beef soup and broths, intensifying the flavor of the meat naturally, even without MSG.

The best way to have your fresh daily supply of anise powder is to grow your own herbs, hang them dry and then grind them individually. But if that sounds like too much of a hassle, then the next best thing is to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with this one packet of ground anise.

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