Dried Sliced Kiwi

Dried Sliced Kiwi – 1kg

  • FLAVOR: Amazing tropical taste that is tasty and delicious irrespective of what you are using it for.
  • VERSATILITY: It can be used for trail mixes, snacking, baking and so many more.
  • Can be used as the perfect present for special events as well as the right food additive to fulfil your cravings.
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If you are searching for a great immune booster, then these dried sliced kiwis are packed just for you. They contain an amazing amount of Vitamin C which is known as a great health enhancer. These packs have a ton of other protective antioxidants that greatly fights against cell aging. Plus, they have a ton of potassium which can help you to quickly recover from tedious exercise.

This pack comes with its natural kiwi, full with all its benefits including its digestive enhancement properties – thanks to its high fiber content. So why not have one of these packs of 500g Dried Sliced Kiwi? They are not only great for your healthy but they are also delicious and can be used as better alternatives for food dressings.


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1kg, 500g