Dried Pear Dices

Dried Pear Dices – 1kg

  • TASTE: The same taste you get from pear fruits is what is obtained in our Dried Pear Dices.
  • NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Gives you unparalleled nutritional value.
  • VERSATILE USE: Can be used for various purposes. You can decide to eat this Dried Pear Dices as a snack or even add as supplement to your foods such as salad, ice cream, porridge, etc.
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These Dried Pear Dices are purely sun-dried pear cut in very small sizes. They are made from 100% natural pear fruits. Our Dried Pear Dices will give you a tantalizing taste you cannot taste elsewhere. 

You can easily use it to serve yourself, friends or loved ones as snacks or you can equally use them to bake or cook. Enjoy superb taste of pears with our Dried Pear Dices. You will always have a great and wonderful time with our Dried Pear Dices. Their shelf life is also cool. They can last long enough until you use them.

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