Dried Mango Slices

Dried Mango Slices – 1kg

  • TASTE: Has a superb fresh and great taste.
  • QUALITY: It is of superlative quality.
  • USE: It can be easily used for baking, snacks and for lunch
  • NUTRITIVE: These dried mango dices contain high worth nutritive ingredients for your body needs.
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Do you love dried mangos that taste amazingly? Do you need something great, hygienically packed and good for your health? Then, these Dried Mango Dices are made from natural ingredient – mango. These dried mango dices are soft, fresh, easy to chew and do not have any artificial taste. They have been totally dehydrated. Hence, they are of light weight and are easily portable. If you want something sweet and satisfying, then these Dried Mango Dices is all you?ve got.

Dried Mango Dices have a refreshing taste, excellent flavor, and it is a great snack that does not have any side effect on your health. Having dried mangoes dices to go along with your foods makes it a nice, cool and pleasurable experience. You don?t want to miss out on this. 

Dried Mango Dices can also be equally eaten as snacks in between meals. They meet your everyday needs irrespective of the situation you may find yourself. You are absolutely guaranteed of a cool experience with these Dried Mango Dices as they were specially and carefully made and packed for you.

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