Dried Grapefruit Dices

Dried Grapefruit Dices – 1kg

  • HIGH QUALITY: Enjoy Citrus Slices of Very High Quality.
  • HEALTHY: Rich in vitamins A and C, our dried grapefruit slices support clear, healthy skin and can help lower the risk for numerous diseases and conditions, as well as help with weight loss as a slice of an overall healthy and varied diet. Similarly, it helps to maintain a healthy heart and positively affects blood pressure levels.
  • FLAVOR RICH: If you are so inclined to a gorgeous dried fruit, you will fall completely in love with what we have on offer.
  • You can think of them as sweet little gifts to bring to the family during the holidays. There aren?t many fruits that taste better.
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Totally one of the most essential slices for boosting energy and making you feel fantastic. Our dried grapefruit slices will make your favorite dehydrated food recipe. It has the healthiest benefits and the best flavor of any. It tastes great in tea and will quite serve whatever purpose you have for it – you can give them out as gifts. 

Our dried grapefruit slices provide a healthy dose of vitamin C, helps fighting different diseases, and smells nice. Also, it helps curb appetite and lowers cholesterol. The flavor, aroma, and health benefits make it a compelling choice for useful citrus slices. Ours is a fruit that makes your life so much easier and for a healthy lifestyle.

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