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Boost energy and performance naturally

Used in Chinese medicine since about 200 B.C., goji berries – also known as wolfberries – have long been thought to promote cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal functions, improved mood and renewed stamina. This has earned them the nickname ?red diamonds?. VidiFood Dried Red Goji Berries let you incorporate these tasty gems in smoothies, homemade granola bars, salad garnishes and more.

Versatile and convenient

Eating VidiFood Goji Berries is as easy as popping them into your mouth right from the bag, or adding them to the blender when you make protein shakes. Gojis are naturally sweet with just a hint of tart, making them ideal for baked goods, sauces or as garnish for roasted veggies. Low in calories and fat-free, these vitamin-packed berries are the perfect way to snack yourself to improved health and tranquility.

Flavourful bites of vitamins and minerals

Just a quarter-cup of goji berries contains 20 different vitamins including A, B2 and C, potassium, iron and calcium. There are 18 essential amino acids, critical to maintaining cellular health and warding off the oxidative effects of aging. All of these contribute to healthier skin, eyes and bones, in addition to promoting a calm and positive disposition. In fact, with an oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) score of 4,310, goji berries outperform apples (2,568) at keeping the doctor away. At just 100 calories per quarter-cup, goji berries are a sweet and guilt-free alternative to cakes and candies.

For a delicious and nutritious return to whole-body well-being, add VidiFood Dried Goji Berries to your basket today.

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