Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots – 1kg

  • NUTRITIVE: Filled with amazing antioxidants to make for a better skin
  • HEALTHY: Adorned with better body minerals such as vitamin A and C that will leave your body in a better condition.
  • PACKAGE: Offered as a full-size pack of 500g with huge sizes churning out amazing flavors.
  • Provides an incomparable freshness, and ready for every bite.
  • Add to Cart now for a perfect snack during any outdoor or indoor activity.
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Are you searching for the perfect apricots to make for an excellent snack? Then, these 500g of dried apricots are for you. They are bustling not only in color but also in their flavor. Besides that, they are also chewy and moist. 

One of the most beneficial characteristics of these dried apricots is that they act as the perfect option when it comes to improving the health of the body because they come with high concentration of beta carotene as well as the right amount of fiber needed by the body. Their potassium and iron levels are also magnificent, and just sufficient to keep you fit and strong. Above all its amazing properties, it is packed with antioxidants which will help you get that amazing room silencing skin alongside the perfect silky hair that you have always desired.

These dried apricots will provide you with most nutrients when compared to their fresh duplicates. According to USDA data, when measured in a half cup serving, dried apricots will offer you over 47% of the required daily nutritional value need by the human body. So, waste no time to place your orders if you want to be strong, healthy and vibrant every day.

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1kg, 500g