Buckwheat – Sarraceno Wheat for Keto and Vegan – Gluten-Free Cereal Pancakes – Grain for Soba Noodles

  • BEST FLAVOR – Amazing fresh taste and texture. Buckwheat has a nutty flavor and texture, low in fat but high in energy.
  • NUTRITIOUS- Buckwheat is a complete food from a nutritional point of view, high in fiber, amino acids, minerals, iron, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • GLUTEN-FREE – This grain is easy to digest. Gluten-free grain that’s an ideal food for small children and adults alike.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Buckwheat can be cooked as porridge, no-wheat pancakes, crepes, and soba noodles. It is also good enough to eat on its own.
  • QUALITY – This buckwheat is Non-GMO. It has no additives, no dyes, and no artificial preservatives.
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Buckwheat ready to use for all your cooking needs.


These grains have no additives, no artificial colors, no fillers, and no seasoning.



What is Buckwheat?


Buckwheat is a common crop in Europe, Russia, and the United States. It has a rich flavor profile and excellent nutritional benefits.

It is an excellent ingredient for soups, porridge, salads, and other traditional Eastern European cuisines.


Buckwheat is one of the tastiest, nuttiest, healthiest, and most versatile grains in the world. People describe buckwheat’s flavor as a cross between nuts, dark toasted bread, and beer hops. It’s not related to wheat and is an ideal food for people sensitive to gluten or its by-products.



Buckwheat Health Benefits


· Great source of energy


· High in antioxidants


· Gluten-free


· Buckwheat is rich in fiber.


Buckwheat is also ideal diet food. Because of buckwheat’s low glycemic index and high protein component, it provides a long-sustained feeling of fullness for hours at a time. Foods that can offset hunger for more prolonged periods helps a person to reduce his calorie consumption, thereby aiding in weight loss.



How to Use Buckwheat


Buckwheat might not be as popular as oats or wheat. But once tasted, people tend to love buckwheat grain for its distinct texture and flavor.


Slavs cook buckwheat as roasted groats; a tasty cereal loved for centuries. You can also add buckwheat to eggs and fry them over medium heat for a delicious and healthy dinner.


Make gluten-free pancakes and muffins with buckwheat flour.


You can also make salads, casseroles, veggie burgers, and no-wheat bread with buckwheat. Homemade soba noodles are another excellent product made from buckwheat.

Get full-bodied, firm, and tasty buckwheat that complements your recipes.

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