Beer Yeast Flakes

Beer Yeast Flakes – Superfood Inactive Nutritional Yeast – Ready to Eat – Non-GMO High Protein for Vegans

  • TASTES GOOD – Mild bitter umami flavor ideal for salads, veggies or as a substitute for cheese products.
  • HEALTHY -Great source of natural amino acids, B-Vitamins as well as protein.
  • IDEAL FOR VEGANS – Eating a plant-based diet can deplete you of B-Vitamins and proteins. This yeast product adds flavor to your daily meals as well as supplements you with vitamins and minerals not found on plants.
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What is nutritional yeast?



Vegetarians put nutritional yeast on everything. It tastes good on its own. Add this to your soups, sauces, salads, smoothies, popcorn or pizza to supplement your vitamins and mineral intake for the day.



Get some energy and protein without the extra dense calories. It supplements your diet with the right levels of Vitamin B and essential minerals. This type of yeast is inactive and guaranteed safe and healthy.



Nutritional yeast is carefully cultivated from a healthy strain of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is inactivated to lock in its nutrients and prevent any contaminations. This yeast does not generate additional yeast development in the intestines because of its inactive property. Likewise, it is a healthier alternative to supplement your diet if you are a vegan or vegetarian.




Best Tasting Inactivated Yeast



Tastes like a pleasant mix of umami and mild bitterness characteristic of beer hops. You can eat this straight out of the packet or stir it into you breakfast cereal, salad, pasta sauce or nacho dip. Add to your gravy, sprinkle on stir-fry veggies or use as a substitute to cheese on taco recipes.



You can also sprinkle some into your popcorn, zucchini, eggplant or burger for an extra flavor. It tastes good and has low calories and low salt. Inactivated yeast flakes are ideal for people who are into eating a plant-based diet as this can go well with most salads, steamed vegetables and stir-fry.

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