Artisanal Extra Violet Petals Jam

Artisanal Extra Violet Petals Jam – Origin from Spain – Homemade, Finest Quality & 100% Natural – Wide Variety of Delicious Flavors


  • MAKE THE MOST FLAVORFUL DISHES: if you wish to elevate the taste of your dishes and impress all your guests with your cooking skills, the VidiFood Extra Jams line is a must have for you!
  • A UNIQUE BLEND OF TRADITION AND INNOVATION: Our jam comes from small family farms, and has been prepared in a homemade and artisanal form, offering traditional flavors, but betting also on more innovative and creative flavors, designed for a modern and exquisite cuisine.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF RICH FLAVORS: In an effort to satisfy every taste, we present you with many different flavors that you can choose from! Pick the classic flavors like medlar or tomato, or choose from the more innovative ones like red wine or rose petals, and experience an amazing taste journey.
  • EXTRA QUALITY JAM: The VidiFood jams are produced in the rich Spanish farms. They contain a high percentage of fruit which gives them their unique and special flavor.
  • AN EXTRA JAM LINE WITH COUNTLESS USES: The VidiFood jams can be used for various purposes. Apart from making delicious sauces and breakfasts, you can use them in order to make special dishes such as foie grass, beef and fish delicious garnitures, smoothies and many more!
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The Highest Quality, Rich Flavor, Artisanal Extra Jam Is Now Available On Amazon!

Kitchen and cooking enthusiasts all over the world know that a fine quality extra jam can utterly transform and elevate the taste of a dish!

VidiFood presents you with a top quality, homemade extra jam that you will definitely enjoy.

The Purest, Finest Quality Extra Jam

The VidiFood Extra Jam is collected from our small family farm which is located in Spain. The VidiFood Extra jam is 100% pure, artisanal and homemade.

Due to its high fruit percentage, our jam acquires rich flavor and fascinating aroma that will take you on a journey to the land of taste.

Wide Variety Of Flavors For You To Choose From

This amazing Spanish jam provides you with unlimited flavor options! Go for the medlar or tomato flavors for traditional tastes, and make the most delicious breakfasts or smoothies.

Or choose our more innovative rose or violet petals or red wine flavors, and prepare special and unique dishes.

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

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