Paprika: The Red Spice of Life

In this world full of artificial flavors and colors, who would have thought eating healthy could be as delicious?  


Paprika, whether sweet, smoked, or spicy, adds color and taste to every dish that it touches.  


Amateur cooks might say that color and a touch of spice aren’t that important. But people who genuinely know their food appreciate paprika as a daily spice. If you love great food, this spice won’t sit idle in your cupboard. You will use it again and again. That’s because it goes with every meal and with every recipe. Paprika turns an ordinary dish into something festive, be it a simple egg dish, marinade, stew, salad, chili, or garnish.  



What’s in a paprika spice powder? 


Paprika is a well-loved spice worldwide. Hungary considered it as their national spice. Paprika is naturally sweet and with a bit of heat. Some varieties are smoked; some are made mild; some have more heat and spice. Most paprika powders are bright red, while other varieties range from orange to brownish red.  

Paprika is made from dried and finely ground peppers of the Capsicum species, sometimes called ‘pimento.’ Paprika is a native of South America. Nowadays, these peppers are typically from Spain or Hungary, although other countries were now cultivating the same pepper varieties. Aside from being a popular spice for Hungarian cuisines, paprika is also used in Spanish, Indian, Moroccan, Asian and Austrian cuisines.  


Sweet Paprika 


As its name suggests, sweet paprika goes well with any dish. It doesn’t have much heat but packs a lot of vibrant red color and mild sweet taste. Sweet paprika is typically used as garnish for potato salad, deviled eggs, and soups. If your recipe simply calls for paprika, then you can use sweet paprika on your cooking.  


Hot Paprika 


Hot paprika is a valuable spice for classic dishes. Aside from adding a dash of bright color, it also turns up the heat on any recipe. Asians use hot paprika as a garnish over noodles and soups. Its also found in Goulash and the dish called Paprikash. Add hot paprika whenever you need a mixture of heat and peppery taste. What’s good about hot paprika is that it can spice up any recipe, but its mild enough so as not to overpower a dish.  


Smoked Paprika 


As the name implies, smoke paprika has that vibrant hue and rich, smoky flavor. They came in mild heat, medium-hot and spicy variants.  As the name implies, smoked paprika goes well with grilled meat. It also complements roasted veggies and bean stews. Paprika’s intoxicating smoky aroma makes any dish taste exquisite.  



Amazing Health Benefits of Paprika Powder 


Paprika is rich in antioxidants  Carotenoids, the stuff that gives paprika its color is also a powerful antioxidant. It prevents oxidative stress, thereby helping the body to repair itself faster.  


Paprika and beta-carotene – Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A inside our bodies. Vitamin A has dozens of health benefits beyond keeping your eye healthy. Beta-carotene gives your skin that glow and vibrant color. It also prevents wrinkles and minimizes age spots. Aside from the skin-deep benefits, beta-carotene also keeps your mind healthy. It slows down the destruction of nerve cells, thereby delaying the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 


Paprika as sleep aid – Paprika’s Vitamin B content helps your body to produce more melatonin. Aside from normalizing your sleep cycle, paprika also helps our body to produce serotonin and norepinephrine. These hormones keep your stress levels low and make you more productive all day.  


Paprika for better skin – Not only is paprika chockful of Vitamin A and B, but it is also rich in Vitamin C. The Vitamin C in Paprika can help your wounds heal faster. It can also improve your skin condition and minimize the appearance of acne. Some people even use paprika as a face mask to keep their facial skin hydrated and looking fresh. Paprika may even lighten the skin and prevent the occurrence of age spots. 


Paprika for arthritis and pain – Paprika possesses impressive anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the pain brought about by arthritis. It also eases the discomfort brought about by inflammatory diseases. Paprika reduces swelling and reduces painful flare-ups. Paprika is so good when it comes to reducing surface pain that manufacturers even use the capsaicin from paprika to make topical pain creams.  


Paprika is a universal spice that’s a must-have for every kitchen. Its crimson hues make every dish that it touches look special. To get your daily supply of high potency paprika powder, be sure to visit our store today. 

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