Maca Root: The Underappreciated Hormone Balancing Crop

Have you heard about the popular maca root powder that’s flying off the natural food shelves lately? 


If you haven’t, chances are you will be glad to read this article. Women of childbearing age usually take maca root for a lot of reasons: 


  1. Get a larger breast area the all-natural way.  
  2. Have a more significant booty area and broader hips.  
  3. Improve metabolism 
  4. Balance out female hormones 
  5. Helps to ease pre-menopausal symptoms 


Maca Root and Hormone Imbalance 

Maca root is an ancient natural herb that’s famous for its hormone-balancing properties. Unlike with other root crops that supply carbohydrates, maca root powder supports the body’s entire endocrine system so you can get all the hormones that your body needs 


Maca root might not be the all-cure herb, but it surely has its place in natural health. Being a woman is difficult because of mood swings and menstrual pains. Maca root, when taken for an extended period of time, helps women cope with the symptoms of the pre-menopausal syndrome, cramps, PCOS and irregular cycles. Take note though, that this doesn’t mean maca root can cure hormonal issues. It only helps women to feel better and to lessen the pain and stress. 


Maca Root and Mid-Life Hormonal Disorder 


Women age 35 or above can benefit well with maca root. The woman might still be young with our modern standards, but her reproductive capacity is already going down as soon as she hit thirty-five. After that age, she will slowly start the perimenopause phase of her life.   


If a woman is taking birth control pills and have given birth beforehand, she might experience the following beginning at age thirty-five: 

  • Low sex drive 
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Low energy levels 
  • Mood swings and mild depression 
  • Low metabolism and weight gain 
  • Greying of hair 
  • Brain fog and lack of focus 
  • Occasional mild breast pain 
  • Pre-menopausal symptoms 
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping. 


Due to maca root’s hormone adaptogen capabilities women taking this herb benefit a lot. They may experience less mood swings, less hot flashes and less pain in between periods. Maca root also aids metabolism. This helps a woman to burn more calories instead of storing them as fat. Maca also stabilizes a person’s blood glucose level, leading to fewer cravings throughout the day.  


When to Avoid Maca Root 


Taking the maca root is not a one-size fit all solution for women. If you are below thirty-five, your hormones are still at its peak condition. Taking maca root isn’t recommended below thirty-five as it might interfere with your own body’s desire to balance your hormones. And another thing, stay away from maca root if you have thyroid nodules or Hashimoto’s. That’s because maca root has a significant dose of natural iodine. Or better yet, ask your doctor.  


Maca Root for Bigger Breasts and Butt 


Some women swear by how maca root improved their breast size. A few also claim taking the powder form daily helped to widen their hip size. These women said that they transformed from chubby to curvy, all thanks to maca root powder. There are still only a few scientific researches to back up those claims, but there’s an explanation of how maca powder does that.  


Maca powder helps a woman’s body to produce more estrogen, the female hormone that makes the breast swell. Estrogen recalibrates a woman’s body so that it will be tricked reduce the storage of fats in unwanted areas. Instead of accumulating tummy fat, the right amount of estrogen helps the body redistribute these fats into the right place, breasts and hips/butt.  


The same could be right for men. Some men swear by how taking maca root daily helped them to have sustained energy and better sex drive. Maca root might not be the end all and be all herb for the endocrine system, but it surely does help a lot of men and women. 

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