Maca Root Powder Health Benefits and Delicious Recipes

You don’t need to go under the knife to get that shape and curves, maca root got you covered. And not many people know that maca root eases depression and hormone imbalance. So today, let’s discuss what makes maca a superfood.  


Maca Root Origin 


Maca powder is that aphrodisiac, energy booster, and hormone equalizer that nutrition aficionados were raving about. It’s easy to find and all-natural. Ancient people from Latin America used maca herb for thousands of years for dozens of ailments and conditions. It’s a powerful adaptogen that comes high up in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia.  


Maca Powder for Energy  


Maca powder is an energy enhancer that supports strength and endurance. Since maca root boosts energy naturally, it also helps with easing the symptoms of depression. Add this into your morning milkshake or smoothie for that extra boost of energy without the nervous jitters.  


Balancing Testosterone and Female Hormones with Maca 


This herb works for both men and women. Maca root increases testosterone levels on men. Women like their maca powder because it enhances their curves while balancing out their hormones. If you are always feeling tired and you have an underactive thyroid or got adrenal fatigue then maca root can help your body’endocrine system 


Maca Root for Fertility 


If you’re struggling with getting pregnant, maca root may help you to conceive faster. That’s because maca powder helps with fertility by stimulating your ovariesIt also increases the libido and promotes sex drive of both male and female. 


Maca Root Powder Preparation and Recipes  


You can usually find finely ground maca in packets. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see it in its original solid form. If that’s the case, then you can grind your maca root into a puree using an ordinary blender.  


  • Maca Hot Chocolate Drink  


The best way to enjoy maca is to sprinkle it in your daily hot chocolate drink. Its butterscotch like taste adds a twist to your usual milkshake.  


  • Maca Coffee 


If you need a little wake-me-up in the morning but drinking too much caffeine makes you anxious, sweaty and fidgety, then you can try a healthier alternative like maca coffee. Caffeine in coffee affects your cortisol level, making you feel high-strung and stressed when taken too much. This comfort food will pack an energy punch into your breakfast without all the headaches and jitters caused by your usual coffee cup. 


  • Hormone Balancing Maca Smoothie 


If you’re always in a hurry during breakfast, then preparing smoothies will make your morning less stressful. Maca root goes well with the usual fruits and dairy on smoothies. When mixed with vanilla, milk, cinnamon, bananas, or berries, maca powder adds a subtle malty flavor. You can mix and match with various fruits, nuts, and milk to find your perfect morning smoothie.  


  • Maca Root Chocolate Ice Cream 


Every day will feel like a cheat day if you have maca powder in your fridge. Who knows that maca powder can go well with milk, vanilla, cream, and cocoa powder? Mix your maca powder with these ingredients, freeze, and voila! You now have a hormone-boosting super tasty ice cream in no time! 


  • Maca Powder Pancakes and Waffles 


Who says than pancakes are bad? Not with maca powder in it! Make your pancakes and waffles healthier by adding maca powder into your pancake mix. Cook, as usual, sprinkle with cinnamon and honey, and enjoy! 


  • Maca Quinoa Bars 


Craving for a bar of chocolate during your afternoon slump? Think twice before you reach for that sinful chocolate bar. The usual candies and choco snacks will spike up your sugar levels and make you grumpy after a few hours. Instead of going through the typical high and low energy phases due to your hunger, maintain your tummy happy by snacking on maca quinoa bars. You can add dry maca powder into your usual homemade quinoa bar recipes.  


  • Maca Overnight Oats 


If cooking breakfast isn’t your thing or if you want a quick snack post-gym, then maca overnight oats are your best bet. Prepare this the way you prepare your overnight oats. Add in a dash of maca and vanilla extract for that extra nutritional boost and flavor.  


As you can see by now, consuming maca powder will do your body so much good. And even better, it’s easy to prepare and add into your usual recipes. So go ahead, get your maca powder, and experiment. Let us know in the comments your best maca powder recipes.  

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