Hot and Healthy: Why You Must Consume Ground Cayenne

Ground cayenne peppers are the hottest thing in your spice cupboard. And not only can it pack a punch, but it can also kick out some pounds. Let’s talk about why you need to eat more of this heavyweight spice. 



Where does cayenne pepper come from? 


Cayenne pepper belongs to the nightshade family closely related to jalapenos and bell pepper. Aside from being a favorite spice, cayenne is also a herbal remedy for a couple of health conditions 



Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits 


Cayenne came from the hottest kind of red-hot chili peppers. But aside from its spicy taste, cayenne peppers pack a punch health-wise. Here are some of the benefits of ground cayenne pepper: 


  1. Managing Weight 


More and more natural weight loss supplements use cayenne pepper as their main ingredient for a reason. That’s because cayenne pepper boosts metabolism. It helps you to burn your food into energy instead of storing it into fat. A study showed that cayenne pepper in meals increases the core body temperature. We tend to have flushed skin and intense sweating after eating a hot dish. That’s a sign that your body is now burning more calories. But be reminded that cayenne pepper can only help you if you also do your part. Like any good supplement, it must be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise so you can get your desired weight results.  


      2.Reduce Hunger 

Another reason why cayenne pepper is effective in weight loss is that it tends to make you feel full longer. Fiery foods keep your appetite in check. It reduces your food cravings, helping you to control your weight.  


      3. Relieve painful joints 


Capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, acts as a natural painkiller. It helps people living with arthritis to go about their daily lives with less swelling and inflammation. This spice also eases the pain from autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia. Please take note though that people’s results may vary. Take with caution and make sure you also consume a healthy diet.  


      4. Unclog a stuffy nose 


A bowl of hot soup is a surefire way to unclog your stuffy sinuses. Cayenne when consumed thins out your nasal mucus, helping you breathe easier. It can help with the common cold as well as with the stuffiness brought about by allergies. So next time you got a cold, sprinkle some cayenne powder into your hot soup.  


     5. Excellent source of Vitamin A 


Cayenne powder’s bright red color is not just tasty – its also loaded with natural Vitamin A – a powerful antioxidantFoods rich in Vitamin A protects your eyes and keeps your brain healthy. It also protects your skin from damage and delays premature ageing.  


      6. Boosts blood circulation 


Capsaicin in cayenne helps with blood circulation and nerve health. Regular intake of spicy food helps with reducing blood pressure and preventing nerve blockage. Cryptoxanthin, a pigment that gives peppers their bright red color is also a potent antioxidant. A right balance of antioxidant component on chili peppers may help prevent degenerative diseases, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.  



Cooking with Cayenne 


Ground cayenne goes well with curry-based dishes. It can also enhance the spiciness of your barbeque or marinades. Be careful, though whenever cooking meals with cayenne, particularly for the safety of your children. Adults can easily wash off the spiciness of cayenne, but it might not be the case for your kidsIf you are cooking for your children, test the hotness of your dish before you add in more spices 


You can add cayenne pepper to just about any food you have.  


  • Sprinkle them deliberately on your salad, mashed potato, fries or deviled eggs.  
  • Another way to enjoy cayenne is to put it in a small jar. Have it handy on your condiments table together with your salt and pepper
  • Cayenne brings out the unique taste of sardines, oysters, salmon, scallops, mussels, crabs and lobster.  
  • Add ground cayenne to your appetizers and dips to get your appetite going before the main course. 
  • Add some excitement and fiery color to your veggie stir fry by using a pinch of ground cayenne.  
  • Sprinkle ground cayenne to your proteins. A little rub of cayenne turns your chicken or red meat into a festive meal.  
  • Spice up your olive oil by heating it with some cayenne. Use this whenever your dish needs a bit of heat and color. 
  • Stir some ground cayenne into your soups for a warm and satisfying treat on a cold day—cayenne pepper pairs well with chicken soup or beef broths. 


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