Honey: The Sweetest Immune Booster for Common Colds and Flu

You and I know for a fact that honey is nature’s best sweetener. Its way better and more nutritious than sugar and is certified guilt-free ingredient. But do you know that honey is also one of nature’s most potent immune booster 


In this modern world full of infectious diseases and antibiotics, its good to know that mother nature hasn’t failed us yet. In tune with the times, let’s discuss honey’s immunity boosting powers. Please take note that this article is written for an average healthy person, not for someone who is afflicted with an infectious disease. This blog post is intended to help people do their self-prevention, not self-treatment. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so better keep your body and immunity in tiptop shape daily.  


Can honey cure a common cold? 


A warm cup of honey first thing in the morning can surely help your metabolism going. And aside from the fact that drinking honey on warm water can rehydrate your body, its good to know that this simple mixture can help your immune system.  


Why wait for your next bout with colds and flu when you can equip your body with natural protection daily?  


Apart from drinking a super tasty concoction, honey with warm water can help you to ease the discomfort from the common cold and sore throat. Phlegm and clogged nose are a nuisance; especially if you want to get a lot of things done. And some cold medicine can make you drowsy. So, one of the best ways to start your morning when you’re not feeling as good the night before is to drink a warm cup of honey and water. Honey is an effective cough suppressant. It’s also an excellent nighttime drink to unclog your nose and improve your sleep. 


Honey and Garlic: Old Folk’s Remedy  


Through generations, we learned that honey and garlic is a good combination for a lot of conditions. A lot of claims are yet to be scientifically proven, but honey and garlic are known for one thing. It’s one of nature’s best remedies for common colds, cough, and flu. 


Cooked garlic has no antimicrobial value, but when eaten raw together with honey, packs a powerhouse. If you feel not your usual self because of sore throat, aching joints, headache, and weakness, then perhaps you are coming down with the flu. 


 You can go to your doctor or you can let your flu heal on its own. If you’ll choose the latter, the best way to make your symptoms go away faster is to eat a few cloves of garlic soaked in honey. Preparing this natural remedy is easy: 


  1. Peel a whole bulb of garlic. Separate the cloves and put them in a clean mason jar. Avoid garlic that has brown spots or has mold. Your garlic should be fresh and without sprouts.  
  2. Pour into the jar half a cup of honey and mix until all the cloves are fully immersed. 
  3. Close the jar lid and store this mixture on the refrigerator.
  4. Your honey and garlic mixture will be ready to eat in 4-5 days.  
  5. You can store your honey and garlic for the next 3-4 months. Take a clove and eat it raw anytime you feel feverish. Keep a jar handy in your fridge at all times. 


If you have a fairly good immune system, you can supplement your daily diet by eating one or two cloves of garlic with honey daily. A jar or two of honey and garlic on the fridge can help to make your winter not as dreadful.  


Honey Consumption Warning 


Honey is suitable for all ages except for children less than a year old. That’s because honey as a lot of pollens and spores. Consuming honey is a risk factor for infant botulism. Since small children haven’t fully developed their immune system, they can’t fend off against bacteria or spores. But if you’re an adult, then you’re all good. 


Finding the Best Honey 


Not all honeys are created equal. The stuff that you see on your local supermarket shelves might look like honey, but you can never gauge their purity. Some brands might come cheap, but they might have some additives. It’s not easy to check a honey’s quality based on its appearance alone. So, the best way to buy your daily supply of honey is to purchase only from a trusted brand.  

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