Green Pea: What Hulks Eat for Muscle and Energy

If bodybuilders are vegan, what would they eat to maintain large muscles and incredible strength? Synthetic protein powders might be a natural choice, but they are not healthy in the long run. Soy protein powder might be another contender, but it has too many phytoestrogens, the precursor for female hormones. Why supplement with artificial protein sources when you can count on what’s natural? Mother Nature couldn’t be wrong, as we can see in the case of a green pea.  


If you want muscle-building proteins while staying all vegan, then green pea flour and green pea protein powder is your best bet.  



What is green pea powder? 


Green pea is one of the healthiest vegetable out there. It has no soy, no dairy, and no gluten. Green pea powder is made from dried and ground peas. Itexcellent consistency and distinct green color adds a unique taste to your snacks and shakes. Green pea is perfect as an add-on to cookies, smoothies, dessert, or baked goods.  


Not many protein powders can be classified as hypoallergenic but green pea fits the bill. That means green pea is ideal for people who tend to have a lot of food sensitivities. Its easy on the tummy and wont cause bloating, unlike with other veggie proteins.  



Best Vegan Gluten-Free Workout Powder 


More and more people are not shifting to vegan and vegetarian diet for a lot of reasons. But the biggest challenge with those who want to keep this plant-based diet is the need for protein. One can quickly get protein from animal meat but not on vegan diet. Green pea powder is fast becoming a favorite among bodybuilders and healthconscious people because its gluten-free, high in protein and chockful of energy.  


A common misconception with plant-based protein is that they dont have the same effect on muscle growth. Sadly, only top bodybuilders and health buffs appreciate green pea as major brands keep on peddling artificial protein powders.  


Pea powders musclebuilding effect may be due to its high concentration of L-arginine and Arginine, the amino acids that stimulate the secretion of human growth hormone.  



Complete Vegan Protein Source: Green Peas 


Peas are one of the best sources of plant-based protein out there. Some people arent used to eating veggies as protein source, but green peas can be as good as milk when it comes to nutrient composition. 


A glass of green pea smoothie consumed 30 minutes before working out can speed up your muscle growth and help you with recovery. Green pea powder wont make you feel heavy but will keep you from getting hungry during workout. Youll then experience less sore muscles and better body shape after a few weeks of regular exercise.  


Researchers from MIT proved that green pea contains all essential amino acids and thus is a complete plant-based protein. Food rich in protein helps you to improve your body composition and lose excess flab.  


Green Pea Protein Powder for Weight Loss 


Green pea powder is an excellent addition to your diet if you want to lose weight. The trick for effective weight loss is to consume more protein, not to reduce your calorie intake. Green peas high protein content, together with its low glycemic index helps you to feel less hungry throughout the day. Pea protein can help to delay the emptying of your stomach and reduce your food cravings.  


Research showed that eating a diet of plant-based protein helps to lower the risk of inflammation. Not only can green pea help you to lose weight, but it can also lower your high blood pressure. Add green pea powder into your diet to reduce the incidence of heart disease and hypertension. 


People who have pre-diabetes symptoms are always hungry and lacks energyPea powder is beneficial for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, thus, controlling the onset of diabetes.  



Green Peas for 5-Minute Power Smoothies 


Are you always busy and barely got any time to prepare a healthy meal? If you arent fond of cooking, then green pea powder can be your go-to breakfast. Just put on a blender a heaping teaspoon of green pea powder or green pea protein with a large banana and milk, and you are ready to go. All it takes to prepare a healthy smoothie is less than 5 minutes. No need to cook your green pea powder, its good as it is right out of the bag. A glassful of this green smoothie is enough to power you up pre or postworkout.  


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