Discovering the Power of Black, Red and Yellow Maca

Mother nature considered our male and female energies when she created the maca root. Back during the days before pharmacies, our ancestors lived with health and vitality. All they have are herbs, seeds, and roots, and yet, they live longer lives than us in the modern world. Maca root is one such gift of nature to humanity, and in this guide, we will find out why.  



Red, Black, or Yellow Maca – What’s the difference? 


Maca, a rare Peruvian root, has three colors, but they all came from the same sourceScientific testing shows that different colored maca has different bioactive nutritional profiles. That means they all come from the same plant, but they have different qualities. Let us discuss the difference between yellow, red, and black maca.  



Yellow Maca 


60-70% of all maca is the yellow type. This is the neutral maca. Yellow maca is used for long-term resilience to oxidative stress as well as for hormonal imbalance. Unlike red and black maca (which we will discuss later), you may take yellow maca daily as part of your healthy diet. Yellow maca is ideal for helping your body with: 


  • Easing uncomfortable PMS and menopausal symptoms  
  • Thyroid dysfunction  
  • Autoimmunity and inflammation  
  • Adrenal fatigue 
  • Mental health and cognition  
  • Increases blood flow  
  • For improving energy and athletic performance  
  • Increases focus and mental clarity  



Red Maca 


Red maca is rarer than the yellow type, and ancient people consider it sacred. Red maca is recommended not for dietary intake but more for medicinal use. Red maca has a higher level of bioactive that has an anti-anxiety and calming effect on the nervous system. Some folklores consider maca as a representation of our feminine side or of the internal energy. This energy stabilizes, nourishes, and calms the hormones. Consumption of red maca helps with: 


  • Increasing oxygen intake into the blood 
  • Improves blood flow 
  • Strengthens the female reproductive organs 
  • Reduces internal inflammation  
  • Improves bone density  
  • Eases anxiety, fatigue, and mood swings  
  • Protects the adrenals from burnout  
  • Improves prostate function in men  
  • Improves fertility in women  
  • Strengthens the bones (ideal for preventing osteoporosis) 



Black Maca 


Black maca is the rarest root among the three types. Some people refer to it as natural Viagra. Black maca represents external or male energies. This type of energy strengthens the body and gives it vitality. This rare root type is said to provide direction and life force to a person. Black maca is best known for: 


  • Improving energy production 
  • Enhances physical performance  
  • Regenerates brain function  
  • Aids in better mental focus and cognition  
  • Improve sleep quality  
  • A natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant 
  • Strengthens the male reproductive organs  
  • Enhances fertility and libido in men  
  • Helps to increase sperm mobility in men  
  • Improves muscle strength and endurance  



How to Use Maca Root Powder  


Yellow maca may be used daily as a food source. It has a tangy taste and a light brown color. You may add it in your morning shake, cookie batter, or pancakes. Red and black maca, however, is meant for medicinal consumption. You may use it in daily low dose or as a one-time supplement. Both red and black maca may be added to your smoothie or breakfast oatmeal. Its malty taste can enhance the natural sweetness of your food. Men and women have different hormonal profiles, so what worked for one person might not work for the other.  



Maca Root Powder for Men’s Health  


Men can benefit from either yellow or black maca. Daily consumption of maca powder may improve stamina and endurance, perfect for a pre-workout meal. Maca helps active men by reducing oxidative stress, improving focus, and enhancing mental health.  



Maca Root for Women’s Health  


Women who have intense pre-menopausal symptoms can benefit from red and yellow maca. Whether you experience mood swings, anxiety, brain fog, or mild depression at certain times of the month, maca powder can help. Maca improves mood and sustains energy levels without any crash or tiredness. It also balances a woman’s hormones to help her get energy and endurance all day long. This is perfect for an active woman who wants to achieve more without getting side-tracked with pre-menstrual discomfort.  





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