Discovering Hemp Protein Powder: The Superfood for Peak Health

Would you like a protein source that’s vegan, gluten-free, and organic?  


Not many people know that hemp protein powder is a complete plant-based protein. And you’ll be hardpressed to find a protein powder can even compare to its nutritional profile. That means a few teaspoonfuls of this protein powder is enough to keep you at your peak state.  


Hemp protein powder is made from selected seeds of the hemp plant. Unlike with other synthetic protein powders that were chockful of chemicals, hemp protein powder is all-natural. No wonder, the market for hemp protein powder is silently but steadily growing the last five years.  


Want to learn why hemp protein is good for you? Check out these incredible health benefits of hemp protein powder: 


  1. Increases Your Energy Levels 


Feeling like coffee won’t do the trick? Your exhaustion could be because you aren’t eating healthy. You are nutrient-deficient. If you’re feeling dull and lethargic, perhaps that’s because your body needs more vitamins, minerals and protein.  


No amount of coffee could ever replenish the right amino acids and vitamins. Good thing consuming hemp powder can help with your energy levels. That’s because it’s full of protein and fiber. This powder will give you the right fuel minus all the midday food cravings. You’ll feel full longer while at the same time have enough energy throughout the day.  


     2. Boosts Your Immune System  


Most plant-based protein sources have only a few amino acids; hemp protein powder, on the other hand, has 20 amino acids, including nine essential ones. It’s also full of minerals and omega fatty acids. Hemp protein powder contains copper, a necessary mineral for brain development and oxygen supply. It also got the right amount of zinc, which helps to stimulate the immune system. Hemp protein powder also eases internal inflammation and keeps your mucus at normal levels.  


     3. Improves Digestion 

The thing that sets the hemp proteins apart from other plant-based protein is that its highly digestible. If you happen to experience stomach issues with whey protein, you will find hemp protein powder to be more tummyfriendly. Hemp protein powder works well, even for lactoseintolerant people. You won’t feel bloating, gassiness, or stomach cramps as long as you will drink enough water throughout the day.  


     4. Lean Muscle Building 

Hemp protein powder helps you to build lean muscle without exposing you to harmful chemicals. That’s because hemp powder is naturally full of healthy proteins, the main building block of our muscle and connective tissues. People who consume hemp protein powder while actively working out experienced less fatigue and sore muscles after workout. That’s because hemp protein powder has phosphorus and calcium, the minerals that aid in bone development and tissue regeneration. 


    5. Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis  

Because of hemp protein powder’s mineral component, it also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, particularly for middle-aged people. Contrary to what many people know, its not just the lack of calcium on one’s diet that contributes to the onset of osteoporosis. Aside from bone-building minerals, you must also consume foods rich with essential fatty acids. Hemp protein powder is crammed with essential fatty acids, more than most plant-based milk.  


Now that you already know the benefits of hemp protein powder let’s talk about how you can prepare it as a part of your daily diet.  


Basic Hemp Protein Powder Breakfast Smoothie Recipe 

      a. You’ll need two large ripe bananas, one-piece ripe pear or mango, one cup water, one tablespoon of hemp protein powder, one teaspoon honey and half cup milk (optional). 

      b. Peel and cut the fruits and place them in a blender together with the other ingredients. Mix and serve.  


As you can see, your hemp protein powder has no yummy or bitter taste. Some people say that it tastes grassy. Because of it’s plain and almost tasteless flavor, it will go well with most shakes and smoothies. 


Hemp protein powder isn’t cannabis, meaning you won’t get high or feel anything unusual. It’s perfectly legal, and it isn’t habit-forming. It’s one of the best sources of plant-based proteins out there. Try hemp protein powder and see it yourself.   

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