Corn Flour: What to Eat if You Crave Some Healthy Sweets

Going on a gluten-free healthy diet can get frustrating. You crave for something sweet and tasty, but most carbs in the market taste the same.  


So it’s great to know that in the world full of bland protein powders and tasteless carbs, corn flour saves the day. Not only is corn one of nature’s most satisfying starch, but it also has less natural sugar. Yes, you heard it right. Corn flour tastes naturally sweet and gives you some guilt-free meals.  



What is Corn Flour?  


What is corn flour, and is it the same as cornstarch? What about cornmeal? Are they all alike? Corn flour is the healthier and tastier version of cornstarch. Corn flour uses the whole corn kernel and is a finely ground version of cornmeal. Cornstarch, on the other hand, is the processed product of corn’s inner endosperm minus the yellow germ and bran. And cornmeal is the roughly milled version of the corn flour. We use cornmeal for making coarse tortillas, corn flour for baked products and fine cornstarch as a thickener for soups.  


Its easy to find cornstarch everywhere, but its rare to find organic corn flour off your local grocery store 



Health Benefits of Corn Flour 


Is corn flour healthy? That’s a tricky question. Before we answer that, it helps to distinguish two sources of corn. Organic corn, particularly the sprouted kind, are incredibly healthy but hard to find.  


Most corn products mass produced nowadays are full of pesticides and chemicals. More than 80% of all the corn sources in Europe and the US today are genetically modified (GMO). We can never compare rare organic corn from the everyday GMO corn products in the supermarkets.  


For the sake of this article, let’s talk about organic corn. Not only is corn naturally delicious on its own, but it is also loaded with carbohydrates, protein and antioxidants.  



Best Carbohydrate Source  


Corn flour is likewise an ideal meal because it provides you with both slowdigesting and fastabsorbing carbohydrate. This means not only can you can get immediate energy from eating a meal of corn, but it can also keep you feeling full for hours. 


 Corn has the right combination of soluble and insoluble fiber that complements its complex carbohydrates.  


Athletes and distance runners eat corn because it provides them with sustained energy. You won’t experience extreme blood sugar high and lows because corn’s carbohydrates are digested at a slow pace.  



Good Protein Content  


Aside from healthy carbohydrates, you’ll be surprised to know that organic corn flour is a good source of protein. A cupful of corn can supply you with enough energy and protein until the next mealtime.  



Corn Flour for Eye and Skin Health 


Corn flour is likewise a good source of beta-carotene, the stuff that keeps your skin and eyes healthy 



Corn Flour: Best Gluten-Free Alternative 


Corn flour is one of nature’s best tasting gluten-free alternative to white flour. A gluten-free diet minimizes inflammation and keeps your body in its peak function.  



How to Cook Corn Flour 


Corn flour is a sweeter tasting alternative to wheat flour. And because corn is naturally sweet, you may cut your sugar measurement in half when baking.  


  • Corn flour can be used as the main ingredient to cornbread, tortilla, muffins and pastries.  
  • You can create wheat-free cakes made of nothing but corn, milk and butter.  
  • Use corn flour instead of wheat flour for some gluten-free pizza crust.  
  • Corn flour may also be used as a breading for deep-fried seafood and chicken wings. 
  • Use corn flour for empanadas and as a main ingredient for corn dogs.  
  • Add a bit of sweetness to your chili stew by mixing in some corn flour.  
  • Another recipe that you can try is to mix in a cup of sweet corn kernels, three teaspoonful of corn flour and two cups of chicken stock for an easy corn soup.  



Where to Find Healthy Corn Flour Products 


Organic corn flour is totally different from GMO corn products which are full of pesticides and chemicals. So, remember to get only organically sourced corn products 


Diet is a balancing act. Use corn flour to supplement your vegan or gluten-free diet. Corn flour has healthy antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids not found on other protein or carb products.  


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