Coconut Flour: The World’s Best Keto Flour

Coconut flour is the world’s best food because it is ketogenic, ideal for the Paleo diet, gluten-free, high in fiber, full of healthy fats, protein-rich, and grain-free. Hard to believe that all these qualities can be found in a single food, but yes, you heard it right. And on top of that, coconut flour tastes impressive 


So, how can you use the humble coconut to lose weight and get in shape? Read on to find out.  



Coconut Flour as Ketogenic Food 


Keto diet is the latest weight loss fad that helped millions of people lose weight. But it’s hard to stick to this diet. The problem with keto formula is that it’s challenging to find the right food. You may eat all the fats and protein until you’ll full (like what keto diet suggests), but you’ll still crave for carbs. You will find yourself salivating over the thought of ice cream, cake, or cookies.


Not many flours and carbohydrate sources can qualify as ketogenic food because most grains have too much carbs. But giving up your sweets can be a lonely life. So just when you thought you got no other options, here comes coconut flour! 


What’s impressive about coconut flour is that it has more good fat than all the flours in the market. Coconut has enough good fats that it can keep you feeling full longer than any grain flour.  



Is coconut flour a carbohydrate? 


Now that you know about coconut flour’s highfat content let’s talk about the misconceptions about coconut. A lot of people say that coconut isn’t a carb because it didn’t come from grain or seed. Coconut flour comes from the coconut meat that’s dried and ground. But to clarify, the powder that’s derived from coconut meat is considered a low-carb flour.  



Health Benefits of Coconut Flour 

  • Speeds Up Metabolism – Keto fans love coconut flour because of its sweet and filling taste, as well as its ability to speed up one’s metabolism. Coconut is high in medium-chain-fatty acids or MCFAs, that helps your body to regulate metabolism. Coconut’s fatty acids are easy to digest. This healthy fat goes straight to your liver to perform its thermogenic effect, which increases your body temperature and calorie-burning power.  


  • Maintains Normal Blood Sugar Level – The problem with eating wheat is that white flour typically spikes up your blood sugar. Wheat flour typically dumps all its sugar in your bloodstream in one sitting, so you’ll experience the sugar high and lows. This is not healthy and may predispose you to diabetes. Coconut flour is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than corn, rice or wheat. It’s the best choice for people with diabetes and for those people who want to control their cravings for sweets 


  • Rich in Fiber – Coconut flour is rich in beneficial fiber that makes you less likely to overeat. Fiber keeps you feel full longer. It also helps to regulate your bowel movement. Even a quarter cup of coconut flour gives you 25% of your daily fiber needs, quite a feat for something that tastes mildly sweet.  


  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol – When it comes to cholesterol, good fats always fight the bad fats. Coconut flour helps to lower bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride for people who have above average blood cholesterol levels. As you know, high cholesterol leads to increased risk of heart disease, hypertension, and heart attack.  


  • Best for Gluten-Free Meals –Gluten worsens the body’s inflammation and predisposes you to a lot of debilitating diseases. Sadly, it is difficult to find a gluten-free bread or cake out there. Coconut flour is the ideal carb of choice for people sensitive to gluten, the stuff that’s typically found in wheat flour. Coconut is naturally gluten-free. With coconut flour, you can enjoy your pastries, cookies, cakes, and dessert without worrying about gluten.  



Cooking and Baking with Coconut Flour 


Coconut flour is unsweetened but has a mild coconut meat taste. It can be used for savory and sweet recipes. Use coconut flour in place of all-purpose flour for breading fish, chicken or meat. You can also use coconut flour as a substitute for breadcrumbs. This flour can also be mixed with soups or stews.  


Coconut flour can be a substitute to wheat flour, but it absorbs twice as much water than the regular flour. Remember to also put twice as much egg when cooking or baking with coconut flour. Use coconut flour to bake delicious gluten-free recipes such as: 


  • Keto coconut flour bread 
  • Pancake with coconut flour 
  • High-fiber coconut and chocolate chips 
  • Coconut flour banana bread  
  • Coconut cupcakes and muffins 
  • Low-sugar cinnamon buns 
  • Banana coconut crepes 
  • Healthy brownies with coconut flour  
  • Coconut waffles and truffles  



Where to Buy Organic Coconut Flour 


Check the label before you buy coconut flour. It is best to buy organic coconut flour because its free from preservatives, additives, and coloring. The idea product for you must have only one ingredient listed – coconut. No more, no less.  


You can now buy the freshest-tasting organic, gluten-free keto-friendly coconut flour right at this minute; just head over our online store to check out.