5 Things You Have to Know About Quinoa and Weight Loss

Is quinoa effective against weight loss? Is it that healthy? A lot of people were asking us that question since we launched our organic superfood store years ago. In this article, we will answer that and more.  


Quinoa is getting popular in the West. Health food stores and vegans swear by this grain. And not only is it nutrient-dense, but it's also delicious. It has a rich nutty flavor on its own. What's interesting is quinoa'slightly puffy texture, a seed that's originally small and puffs out like mini popcorns once cooked.  


The wonders and taste of quinoa can't be described in writing; it’s best to experience it yourself.  

So, is quinoa superfood worth all the recent hype? Let's find out.  



What is Quinoa?...

What Every Cook Should Know About White and Black Sesame Seeds

There’s a reason why sesame is the most popular seeds in folklore the world over. That’s because it is one of the best-tasting and healthiest seeds out there 


Some people call it a superfood because it not only tastes good, but it also builds strong bones, fights chronic stress, and eases digestion. This humble seed also regulates blood sugar, prevents rheumatoid arthritis, helps with insomnia, and lowers blood pressure.  


Sesame seeds were even rationed to some soldiers during ancient times to help them survive their strenuous tasks. Some old folklores also consider sesame seeds as a food promoting immortality. That was quite a feat for a small seed! 



Taste Difference Between Black and White Sesame Seeds 


The b...

Rediscovering White and Black Pepper for Healthier and Tastier Meals

These days it seems like everyone is into eating healthy. But do they taste as delicious as store-bought foods? There's a reason why a lot of people can't stick to a healthy diet. And it's not because cooking healthy meals are time-consuming or costly. Nope, the main reason why you and I can't keep with our diet resolutions is that home-cooked nutritious food doesn't taste any good.  


If that's the case, what can we do about it? We know that using artificial seasoning can make us fat. It’s no use of eating healthy when doing so will just make us hungry. You don’t want to eat too much MSG. So, is there any way for you to eat right, cook quickly, and still come up with something delicious?  



What They Didn't Tell...

3 Reasons Why Paprika Should be Your Number One Spice

If there’s one spice that you should try today, it will be paprika.  


Not many people know that bell peppers, the stuff that makes paprika, are far different from chili peppers. Paprika has far more uses than purchili powder. 


 You’ll discover in this short guide that paprika isn’t just for adding a dash of color, this spice has surprisingly fantastic flavor profile which we will discuss here.  



Re-Discovering the Power of Paprika 


I often wonder why people didn’t consume paprika like how they use salt and pepper. Then one day I tried buying some paprika powder off the local grocery. I know real paprika when I taste it. That stuff that I bought off the shelf is a far cry from the spice that I loveIt ...

White Pepper: The All-Around Spice

The familiar pepper powder we always see in our kitchen has an interesting story. It is the most generously used condiment aside from salt, and yet the most underestimated. In this article, you will discover why your humble white pepper powder is one unique spice.  


White pepper’s story goes back to the start of our modern-world civilization. Back then, its worldwide popularity gave rise to high demand for its trade and exploration.  


Our forefathers recognized white pepper’s healing qualities and used it for some diseases. This spice is so valuable that white peppercorns were even used to pay off taxes. In some places, it is also used in place of currency. People pay their rent, dowries and sometimes even their ransom not ...

Hot and Healthy: Why You Must Consume Ground Cayenne

Ground cayenne peppers are the hottest thing in your spice cupboard. And not only can it pack a punch, but it can also kick out some pounds. Let’s talk about why you need to eat more of this heavyweight spice. 



Where does cayenne pepper come from? 


Cayenne pepper belongs to the nightshade family closely related to jalapenos and bell pepper. Aside from being a favorite spice, cayenne is also a herbal remedy for a couple of health conditions 



Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits 


Cayenne came from the hottest kind of red-hot chili peppers. But aside from its spicy taste, cayenne peppers pack a punch health-wise. Here are some of the benefits of ground cayenne pepper: 


  1. Managing Weight 


More and more natural weight los...

Rediscovering Nutmeg: The Golden Spice

Before there were space wars, there was "Spice Wars."  


Back during the colonial times, someone who has enough nutmeg seeds is said to be set for life. It is so valuable that wars were waged, lives were lost, and huge deals were exchanged on the island where it originally grew. Now, a thousand years has already passed and nutmeg is still a precious spice the world over.  



What's the origin of nutmeg? 


The nutmeg seed is a native of Indonesia, also known as the Moluccas or as the "Spice Islands." Growing in tropical climate, nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) trees can reach up to seventy feet.  


Aside from nutmeg's aroma, it's treasured by royals and merchants due to its healing properties. Medieval people revered nu...

Paprika: The Red Spice of Life

In this world full of artificial flavors and colors, who would have thought eating healthy could be as delicious?  


Paprika, whether sweet, smoked, or spicy, adds color and taste to every dish that it touches.  


Amateur cooks might say that color and a touch of spice aren’t that important. But people who genuinely know their food appreciate paprika as a daily spice. If you love great food, this spice won’t sit idle in your cupboard. You will use it again and again. That’s because it goes with every meal and with every recipe. Paprika turns an ordinary dish into something festive, be it a simple egg dish, marinade, stew, salad, chili, or garnish.  



What’s in a paprika spice powder? 


Paprika is a well-loved spice wor...

The Quick and Easy Guide to Rice Protein Powder

Believe it or not, rice is an excellent source of protein. Yes, you heard that right. Rice protein powder is healthy for you, and more and more people discover its goodness each day.  


Not many grains can pass the gold standard as well as rice – gluten-free, hypoallergenic, GMO-free, easy to digest, excellent fiber content and tastes great. That’s the reason why rice is the staple for most Asian countries for centuries. And not surprisingly, Asian people are also the leanest people in the world – despite their large intake of rice per meal. Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of rice protein powder for your fitness and health goals.  



What is rice protein? 


Rice protein powder is created by separating rice’...

Useful Tips that You Need to Know About Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

What should you take to feel fuller longer? What should you consume to control hunger? Is it the famous weight loss supplement? Or perhaps the latest fad diet? No, definitely no!  


It takes just one superfood to curb your hunger and to control your weight. Chia seeds might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the majority of those who regularly consume it can attest to its appetite control effect.  



Will chia seeds help me lose weight? 


Chia seeds is native to Mexico and is a member of the mint family. They look like grayish black grains but they were actually seeds.  

Two heaping tablespoons of chia seeds soaked for an hour in water already contain half your daily dose of fiber. And diets rich in fiber controls appetite, m...