Rediscovering Nutmeg: The Golden Spice

Before there were space wars, there was "Spice Wars."  


Back during the colonial times, someone who has enough nutmeg seeds is said to be set for life. It is so valuable that wars were waged, lives were lost, and huge deals were exchanged on the island where it originally grew. Now, a thousand years has already passed and nutmeg is still a precious spice the world over.  



What's the origin of nutmeg? 


The nutmeg seed is a native of Indonesia, also known as the Moluccas or as the "Spice Islands." Growing in tropical climate, nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) trees can reach up to seventy feet.  


Aside from nutmeg's aroma, it's treasured by royals and merchants due to its healing properties. Medieval people revered nu...

Paprika: The Red Spice of Life

In this world full of artificial flavors and colors, who would have thought eating healthy could be as delicious?  


Paprika, whether sweet, smoked, or spicy, adds color and taste to every dish that it touches.  


Amateur cooks might say that color and a touch of spice aren’t that important. But people who genuinely know their food appreciate paprika as a daily spice. If you love great food, this spice won’t sit idle in your cupboard. You will use it again and again. That’s because it goes with every meal and with every recipe. Paprika turns an ordinary dish into something festive, be it a simple egg dish, marinade, stew, salad, chili, or garnish.  



What’s in a paprika spice powder? 


Paprika is a well-loved spice wor...

The Quick and Easy Guide to Rice Protein Powder

Believe it or not, rice is an excellent source of protein. Yes, you heard that right. Rice protein powder is healthy for you, and more and more people discover its goodness each day.  


Not many grains can pass the gold standard as well as rice – gluten-free, hypoallergenic, GMO-free, easy to digest, excellent fiber content and tastes great. That’s the reason why rice is the staple for most Asian countries for centuries. And not surprisingly, Asian people are also the leanest people in the world – despite their large intake of rice per meal. Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of rice protein powder for your fitness and health goals.  



What is rice protein? 


Rice protein powder is created by separating rice’...

Amazing Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is one of the most underutilized super food in planet earth – raw honey in particular. We know honey as a clear golden syrup but it’s about time that we discover honey at its raw form 



What is raw honey? 


Most of the commercial honey that we see in the grocery stores are pasteurized. Some of them aren’t even pure – they have sugars and maple syrup as extenders. The high heat from pasteurization kills unwanted organisms from honey. It can also change honey’s color from cloudy to clear and syrupy. But this process destroys most beneficial nutrients once present in raw honey. That said, heated honey is no more than a sweet syrup with minimal nutritional value.  


In its natural state, raw honey conta...

Useful Tips that You Need to Know About Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

What should you take to feel fuller longer? What should you consume to control hunger? Is it the famous weight loss supplement? Or perhaps the latest fad diet? No, definitely no!  


It takes just one superfood to curb your hunger and to control your weight. Chia seeds might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the majority of those who regularly consume it can attest to its appetite control effect.  



Will chia seeds help me lose weight? 


Chia seeds is native to Mexico and is a member of the mint family. They look like grayish black grains but they were actually seeds.  

Two heaping tablespoons of chia seeds soaked for an hour in water already contain half your daily dose of fiber. And diets rich in fiber controls appetite, m...

Maca Root and Women’s Sexual Health

Imagine reaching your menopausal years with less hot flushes, mood swings and signs of aging than most women your age.  


Imagine sleeping better and waking up with burst of energy like how you felt at age twenty. You get busy and barely slow down. You have enough energy for work and play. Get all these benefits and more with maca root powder. 


If you’re a middle-age woman, you should know about maca root. This is nature’s gift for women’s health.  


People from Latin America consumed maca root (also called as Peruvian ginseng) as a natural remedy for a variety of conditions. Maca root has a lot of benefits but for this article, let’s talk about how this adaptogen herb helps with women’s health.  


How to Eat Dried Goji Berries: The Sweet Superfood

Goji berry received a lot of attention lately. Some people call it wolfberry or simply goji, and it is available on just about any health food store. Celebrities and even dietitians are fans of this fruit. Let’s discuss the reason behind all this attention to this wonder berry. 


Health Benefits of Dried Goji Berries 


Like dried prunes, raisins, and other fruits, goji berries are full of antioxidants – a naturally occurring substance that helps the body to heal itself faster. They taste like a cross between cherry, tomato, and cranberry. Goji berries are naturally sweet, but not too overpowering. They grow naturally on cooler parts of Asia, including the Himalayan mountains. 


There were some claims that goji berry leng...

Linseed / Flaxseed: Recipes and Tips

Has anyone noticed that more and more health foods nowadays contain linseeds? Cookies, oatmeal, cereal, vegan muffins, gluten-free granola, and even pancakes – this superfood seed is truly everywhere! Let’s talk about why health buffs and vegans alike love to put linseeds on everything.  


Some people call this golden seed as linseeds; some call them flaxseeds. Either way, they are the same because this is just one plant we are talking about here. In general, American people call it flaxseeds. But everywhere else, these seeds are called either linseeds or flaxseeds. Now that we get that out of the way let’s talk about why this humble seed is good for you.  


Why should you eat linseeds/flaxseeds? 


  1. Linseeds makes you s...

Quick and Easy Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Protein Powders

There’s a reason why bodybuilders and athletes stock kilos of all-natural protein powders like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re putting in the weights or the extra hours to get in shape, protein powders will make you achieve that faster.  


Getting into good shape isn’t just about losing the fat. Its also about replacing that flab with lean muscle. But not many people know that working out isn’t enough. You also need to balance workout with the right diet. Protein, in particular, helps you to repair damaged muscles after a strenuous gym session.  


Why consume protein powders? 


Eating your daily serving of protein is easy, but too much food would weigh you down. And although you can always lose these extra pounds by wo...

Dried Fruits: The Shrunken Superfood

Are you too busy to eat healthily? Got no time to buy and prepare fresh fruits? If this sounds like you, then dried fruits could save your day.  


Dried fruits are nature’s concentrated superfoods. Sadly, not many people appreciate it. Why so? There were lots of sugar-coated dried fruits in the market that gave this health food a bad reputation. So instead of being a daily diet staple, dried fruits became desserts and candies.  


Here’s the deal: sugary, gooey dried fruits are indeed bad for you. They can make you consume more sugar and could also damage your teeth. But eating organic and unsweetened dried fruits might be one of the best diet decisions you can make today. When dried and preserved naturally, dried fruits ar...