Amazing Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is one of the most underutilized super food in planet earth – raw honey in particular. We know honey as a clear golden syrup but it’s about time that we discover honey at its raw form 



What is raw honey? 


Most of the commercial honey that we see in the grocery stores are pasteurized. Some of them aren’t even pure – they have sugars and maple syrup as extenders. The high heat from pasteurization kills unwanted organisms from honey. It can also change honey’s color from cloudy to clear and syrupy. But this process destroys most beneficial nutrients once present in raw honey. That said, heated honey is no more than a sweet syrup with minimal nutritional value.  


In its natural state, raw honey contains a unique blend of nutrients and antioxidants that are otherwise impossible to find elsewhere in nature. It contains bee pollen, a natural anti-allergenic and anti-cancer compound. It also has propolis, a substance that supports the immune system. Raw honey also has amylase, the same enzyme that helps with our digestion. Most of these components are present in raw honey but are immediately destroyed during the heating process.  



Why is raw honey better than pasteurized honey? 


  • Raw Honey has Better Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal Properties 


Raw honey has been a folk remedy for centuries for a good reason – because its all natural, inexpensive and it works. Research shows that honey, particularly raw honey can kill unwanted bacteria and even fungus.  


Raw honey never spoils as long as you keep it in an airtight bottle. That’s the reason why honey when sealed properly can last for decades. 


  • Raw Honey Heals Wounds  


Honey’s antibacterial property makes it an excellent wound remedy. Its natural antioxidant components also make it an effective catalyst for tissue regeneration. Raw honey boosts tissue healing time and prevents further infection. When applied to a wound, raw honey acts like a dry sponge absorbing water and pus from the infected area.  


To use raw honey on small wounds, cuts or burns, place raw honey directly on the affected area. Then place a bandage or gauze over the wound. Honey will keep the wound protected while at the same time promotes skin healing.  


  • Raw Honey for Sore Throat 


Got an itchy throat? Mix a spoonful of raw honey with warm water. You can also add raw honey to your hot tea. Add in a slice or two of lemons and you’ll have a good cough suppressant.  


Honey may be acidic but once inside the body, it becomes alkaline. Foods that are alkaline-forming neutralizes acidic waste, keeping your cells healthy.  


  • Raw Honey as a Good Source of Antioxidants 


Raw honey has one of nature’s best antioxidants – the stuff that protects your body from damage and oxidative stressSome studies link oxidative stress to heart disease and even cancer. Natural honey has phytochemicals, ascorbic acid, flavonoids and bee pollen – all acting as immune booster.  


  • Raw Honey for Digestion  


Raw honey is an old folk’s remedy for indigestion and diarrhea. It can also reduce the pain from stomach ulcers brought about by H. pylori bacteria. One thing not many people talk about is how raw honey is also an effective prebiotic. It nourishes the beneficial bacteria in our intestine.  


  • Raw Honey for Nutrition 


Because of raw honey’s thicker consistency, it is a good replacement to jams and table sugar. Aside from its natural sweetness, raw honey contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, niacin and riboflavin. Some research shows that raw honey is a healthier replacement to table sugar for people with diabetes. It doesn’t cause sugar rush as it doesn’t burn as fast as white sugar.  



A Word of Caution 


Raw honey is not for small children and infants. It is meant to be consumed by adults as they already have a well-formed immune system.  


Not all honeys are created equal. Regular honey bought from the grocery shelf might not help you with your immunity. At best, they are excellent for cooking or as a healthy sugar substitute. Pasteurized honey doesn’t contain the same nutrients as raw honey. No amount of processing can replace mother nature’s goodness.  


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