About us

Who we are

We are a small young and familiar business, of new creation, dedicated to the commercialization of gastronomic products.

Because of this, our business structure is quite simple, in which all of our components are farmers, in a way that, despite having to do management work, we are always in contact with our products and farms, our passion. Thanks to this experience, we can choose the best products, natural and high quality, in order to satisfy our clients.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy, by which we started this adventure, is to show our products in all Europe. High quality and natural products, working with the best producers and trusted manufacturers.

Where are we based

We are based in a small town in the south-east of Spain, in Alicante, called Callosa d’en Sarrià. The main economy of this town is the agriculture, so we have large agricultural tradition. This gives us an important advantage, because we know in depth our products.

Our History

We are farmers of large tradition, dating back in several generations, and we know in detail the characteristics of our products.

It is in Callosa where our story begins, first as farmers, working in our own farms, later as local distributors.


After several years distributing locally, we realized that our products, despite its quality and flavour, were not known neither in the rest of Spain nor in Europe, so we decided to expand our distribution network in order to make our products accesible all around Europe.

This way, we have founded VidiFood, our brand, so we are able to show our autochthonous products, as rich in nutrients and flavourful, but unknown outside our small region.

Later on, we expanded our product range and added products of other countries (mainly from Latin America), so we can continue with our philosophy, presenting this products as unknown in Europe as nutritive and unique, keeping our quality standards.